School Houses




Members of the House

House Incharge: Mr.Narinder Singh


1. Mrs. Anju Chanana

2. Renu Verma

3. Mr. Amrik Singh

4. Mrs. Neelam kaushal

5. Mrs. Sadhana Sharma

6. Mr. Kamaljit Saini

7. Mrs. Mandeep Kaur

8. Mrs. Kumari Sonu

9. Mrs. Poonam Bhandari

10. Meenakshi

11. Anita.


Gandhi House

House Incharge: Mr. Tek Singh


1. Mr. Vijay Kumar

2. Mr. Pawan Kumar

3. Mr. Ajit Singh

4. Mr. Nidhinder Prasad

5. Mrs. Renu Khanna

6. Mrs. Parwinder Kaur

7. Mrs. Indu Bala

8. Mrs. Renu (JBT)

9. Miss. Nisha Rani

10. Mr. Ajay Gour

11. Miss. Baljit Kuar


Shastri House

House Incharge: Harinder Kaur


1. Mrs. Sudha

2. Mr. Balram kaushal

3. Mr. Mahesh

4. Mr. Gurdeep Singh

5. Mrs. Vimal

6. Mr. Sukhwinder Singh

7. Mrs. Rupinder Kaur

8. Mrs. Harbans Kaur

9. Mrs. Sukhwinder

10. Miss. Poonam Taprial

11. Mrs. Swarnlata

12. Mrs Urmila


Shubhash House

House Incharge: Mrs. Rupinder Kaur


1. Mr. Vijay Juneja

2. Mrs. Ritu Veer

3. Mrs. Daljit Kaur

4. Mr. Harpal Singh

5. Mrs. Neerja

6. Mrs. Kanta Goyal

7. Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur

8. Mrs. Arun

9. Mrs. Shukhwinder (SSA)

10. Mrs. Kavita

11. Mrs. Neeru

12. Miss. Sonia



Jawahar House




Science, Commerce and Six Vocational Courses

In Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School Students learn about Science and Commerce and also Six Vocational Courses as well. There is one Biology Lab , One Chemistry Lab and One Physics lab also establish for students convenient


1. Staff Details
2. SMC
3. School Enrolment
4. School Profile
5. School Fund Details
6. School Clubs
7. School Houses
8. General Rules
9. Fee Structures
10. School Uniform
11. School Timings
12. Examination
13. Seats
14. Admission Criteria
15. News and Events
16. School Facilities


Vocational Courses

  • Informatioan Techonology 10+1 and 10+2

    Maths/Economics/Business Studies, I.T Systems Business Data Processing , DTP, CAD Multimedia.

  • Stenography and Computer Application

    Accountancy / Business Studies/Economics, Office Procedure and Practice , Typography and Computer Application , Shorthand.

  • Electrical Tech.

    Electrical Applicances, Engg. Drawing,etc. Electrical engineering (sometimes referred to as electrical and electronic engineering) is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the study and application of electricity

  • AC & Reff. Tech

    In this course students learn about Air conditioned and Refrigeration Techonology in duration of two years. There is complete workshop for practical training .

  • Electronics

    Electronics is the branch of science and technology that deals with electrical circuits involving active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits.

  • Auto Mobile & Tech.

    In order to study automobile engineering, you would need to have a strong base in science and mathematics. Through your knowledge in science, you would understand the various scientific methods that are followed to perform the experiments that are required in the field of automotive engineering.