Staff Details – Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School Sector 23, Chandigarh

Sr. No Name of Teacher Designation



Contract/Part Time

1 Puja Suri Officiating Principal Confirmed
2 Harinder Kaur Lecturer in Punjabi Confirmed
3 Bhag Singh Lecturer in Physics Confirmed
4 Anju Chanana Lecturer in Hindi Confirmed
5 Vijay Juneja Lecturer in Math Confirmed
6 Ritu Veer Lecturer in Stenography Confirmed
7 Pawan Kumar Lecturer in Auto Confirmed
8 Rupinder Chawala Lecturer in English Confirmed
9 Kamaljit Saini Lecturer in Physical Education Confirmed
10 Sarita Choudahry Lecturer in Chemistry Confirmed
11 Raj Pal Lecturer in English Confirmed
12 Urmila Ranga Lecturer in English Confirmed
13 Yogesh Kumar Lecturer in commerce Confirmed
14 Anu Mahajan Lecturer in  Biology Confirmed
15 Daljeet Kaur Electronics Instt. Confirmed
16 Gurdeep Singh Work shop Attendant Confirmed
17 Jaideep Work shop Attendant Confirmed
18 Harpal  Singh Peon- Transferred/ deputed-against vacant post of Workshop Attendant Confirmed
19 Ravinder Kaur DPE Confirmed
20 Gurpreet Kaur TGT Math Confirmed
21 Shikha Jain TGT Math Confirmed
22 Sunita Rani TGT Confirmed
23 Mandeep. F. Merchant TGT SST Confirmed
24 Lovish Chawla TGT Hindi Confirmed
25 Kumari Sonu TGT Hindi Confirmed
26 Kuldeep Singh TGT SST Confirmed
27 Urmil TGT S.S.T Confirmed
28 Neeru Sharma TGT SCI Confirmed
29 Sukhpreet Kaur TGT Punjabi Confirmed
30 Gurjant Singh TGT Punjabi Confirmed
31 Gurmeet Kaur TGT Fine Arts Confirmed
32 Renu Bhatt JBT Confirmed
33 Pushpinder Singh JBT Confirmed
34 Suman JBT Confirmed
35 Tanesh JBT Confirmed
36 Amita JBT


37 Sukhjeet Kaur JB T Confirmed
   38 Bhavnesh Kumari Accountant Confirmed
   39 Hemant Kaushik Clerk Confirmed
40 Naresh Kumar Peon (Voc.) Confirmed
41 Poonam Bhandari Lecturer in I.T (on contract) On Contract
42 Alka Lecturer in Math ( on contract) On Contract
43 Neeru Gaur PGT (Guest Faculty) On Contract
44 Suman PGT (Guest Faculty) On Contract
45 Daisy Chauhan Counsellor On Contract
46 Renu Lamba Part timer lect. (Stenography) Part Time
47 Manjit Singh Part timer Lect. (AC & Ref) Part Time
48 Pushap Kumar Part timer lect. (Electrical) Part Time
49 Ramita Part Timer Part Time
50 Poonam Taprial Sr. Computer Instt. (on contract) On Contract
51 Ajay Gour Jr. Computer Instt. On Contract
52 Ratinder Singh Data Entry Operator On Contract
53 Sukhwinder Kaur TGT English On Contract (SSA)
54 Sukhvinder Kaur TGT in Punjabi On Contract (SSA)
55 Mukesh Devi JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
56 Dinesh JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
57 Raj Laxmi JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
58 Pooja Panday JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
59 Amit Kumar JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
60 Ajay Singh JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
61 Mohit Parmar JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
62 Asham JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
63 Amit JBT (SSA) On Contract (SSA)
64 Tinku Part Timer


Part Timer


65 Sonika Music Teacher (Resource Person)
66 Premo Chahal SLA  ( DC Rate) Outsourcing
67 Asha Devi SLA ( DC Rate) Outsourcing
68 Tejinder Singh SLA ( DC Rate)   Outsourcing
69 Sarvan Kumar Chowkidar Confirmed


List of Class IV Employees.

Sr. No. Name of the Employee Designation
1. Dharm Raj Peon
2. Renu Peon
3. Sulekha Cycle Attendant
4. Bish Ram Mali
5. Hari Chand Mali
6. Ram Bodh Mali
7. Ram Pal Ground Man
8. Suresh Pal Ground Man
9. Rajesh Sweeper
10. Sonu Sweeper
11. Jamana Sweeper
12. Pal Singh Sweeper
13. Raju Sweeper
14. Shishpal Sweeper
15. Annu Chowkidar
16. Nachhatar Singh Traffic Marshal
17. Jagadamma

(through Service Provider)

Sweeper cum Chowkidar
18. Neelam

(through Service Provider)

19. Sarla MDM Aya
20. Sarita MDM Aya
21. Kusum MDM Aya
22. Laxmi MDM Aya


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